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What do we know about the Mellor side of the family?

Tony and Jean Flack, later in life

Tony and Jean Flack, later in life







Jean Winifred Mellor married Bertram Anthony Flack on 16 October 1948 at Southport, Lancashire.

Jean Winifred Mellor was born 22 July 1926 at Southport to John Victor Mellor and Winifred Illingworth.

John Victor Mellor is probably identical with a person of that name whose birth was registered in the District of Wirral, County Cheshire born in the June Qtr of 1899 on 24 May 1899.









and who was baptised the St Bridget’s Church of England West-Kirby, Cheshire on 6 July 1899









which shows that his parents were Robert Mellor, Commission Agent and Jenney (sic) Mellor.

John Victor Mellor is recorded as serving in the Royal Navy during World War 1. A copy of the “Medal Card” can be viewed here. John Victor Mellor Medal Card

Details of further research into the Mellor family can be viewed here. The Mellor Family Research