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What progress with the Cockshutt – Nutter connection?

You may be interested in the following exchange on a group site dedicated to Lancashire Family History in Facebook:
  • Cockshutt – Nutter possible connection. Is this 1713/4 St Leonard Padiham wedding the fabled connection between my family and the Alice Nutter of Lancashire Witches fame?
    Marriage: 12 Jan 1713/4 St Leonard, Padiham, Lancashire, England
    George Cockshut – Pendle
    Margret Nutter – Heyhouses
    Source: Original Parish Register
  • CF. Possible Ted Flack, although this marriage is 100 years after the Lancashire Witch trial in which Alice Nutter was found guilty. You would need to find the ancestry of this Margret Nutter to see if she is connected to Alice AND prove that George Cockshutt of Pendle is connected to your branch of the Cockshutts. Well that’s a challenge!
  • CF. There is this baptism: Baptism: 3 Jun 1694 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
    George Cockshutt – (ye posthumous) son of Mr. George Cockshutt
    Abode: Lower town
  • CF. Mr George Cockshutt died the year before in 1693, Lower town. How far back have you gone with your branch of the Cockshutts? Could this George d.1693 be your ancestor?
  • Ted Flack I have traced my direct line back to Edmundus Cockshot b. 1692, died 1774 at Longrode and his wife Anna Bailey. I have not researched all the siblings of the direct line, so its possible. A lot or work ahead! For more information about my Cockshutts please see my blog at
  •  CF. Baptism: 3 Oct 1692 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood, Lancashire, England
    Edmund Cockshutt – son of Mr. George Cockshutt
    Abode: Lower town
  • CF. Perhaps your Edmond Cockshutt born around 1692? Brother to the George who married Margret Nutter? Just been reading all your research…family history is fascinating !
  • Ted Flack You may be right. I will have to chase up your suggestion.