Who were these service men and women?

We know that Colour Sergeant William Flack, 30 years of age, (Batchelor) of the 63rd Regiment was married by Chaplain Henry Taylor at Bellary in the Church of England Diocese and Archdeaconry of Madras to Lucy Moran aged 24, (widow) on 17 January 1844. The witnesses to the marriage were P.A. Turner, I. Stewart and S. Stewart. (Marriage Registration Certificate below)

William Flack Marriage Lucy Turner

There is some evidence that Lucy Flack’s father was Band Leader John Turner of the 63rd Regiment of Foot who died (of fever) in Portugal whilst serving with the Regiment in 1827. Please see below an extract from the Regimental History of the 11th Regiment of Foot which details the British Army expedition to Portugal in 1827.

John Turner d.23 July 1827

It appears that Lucy Moran, nee Turner was the widow of name unknown Moran. Searches of the “Army Returns – Deaths 1796-1880” for male persons named Moran who died in India during the period 1835 to 1845 failed to reveal any trace of a death of a person of that surname in that location during the relevant period.It can be speculated that Lucy Moran’s husband was either a member of the Indian Army or a civilian, whose death would not be recorded in the British Army returns.

One other source is available for records of the deaths of Europeans in Bellary at that time. A search of the memorials on tombs in the graveyards of Bellary recorded in the publication “List of European Tombs in the Bellary District” (see http://tinyurl.com/lt3lc8m) failed to reveal a listing for any person named Moran who would fit the profile of the late husband of Lucy Moran.

A search of the Muster Rolls for the 63rd Regiment of Foot for references to persons by the name of Moran during the Regiment’s period of service in Australia revealed a record of Private 708 Edward Moran – deployed as Mounted police 1 July to 30 September 1831 and later serving in Macquarie Harbour during the period 1 October to 31 December 1832.

The publication does however contain the following relevant listings:

“Church of England Cemetery

1844 – 3 September. – Peter Augustus Turner, late Leader of the Band, HM’s 63rd Regt., aged 29 years and 5 months.”

1845 – 23 May. – Francis Henry Moran, aged 2 years and 9 months. Nephew of P.A. Turner, Band, 52rd Regt.

1845 – 19 June. – Elizabeth Catherine Flack, aged 1 month and 12 days. Niece of P.A. Turner

Roman Catholic Cemetery

1845 – 27th May. – Catherine, aged 56 years, wife of John Turner, formerly Drum Major, H.M 63rd Regt., who died at Thomar in Portugal on 23 July 1827, leaving 4 sons and 2 daughters.”

however, searches of the  “Army Returns – Deaths 1796-1880” for male persons named Peter Turner failed to find any references to any persons by the name Peter Turner in that location during the period.

Army Returns – Births – 1796-1880 at Madras 1844-46 Page 343 did list the birth of Elizabeth Catherine Flack, whose memorial is listed above.

During the searches for the military record of Peter Augustus Taylor, the military records of 390 Drummer John Turner of 63rd Regt born c.1811 at Witwick, Leicestershire who served from 24 February 1824 until 25 October 1849 were located  (extracts WO 97/770/118 are reproduced below)


From the available evidence, the following speculative family tree can be constructed of the Turner Family:

Lucy Turner's Family Draft

Extensive searches of the British Army service records available on-line at Findmypast.co.uk failed to locate service records of John Turner.


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