About Lives of service

Commission (Joined) for WC Flack

This blog is part of my effort to document my Flack family history and to learn more about the lives of my Irish ancestors.

In a way, its a cry for help. That’s because I have run out of ideas about how to find the generations of Flacks beyond my Great Grandfather William “Billy” Flack.

The family oral tradition is that the Flacks came from Dutch or Flemish origins, settling in Ireland after serving with the British Army under William of Orange. Recent DNA testing indicated that “Flack” may be a contraction of “Affleck” and that our ancestors came from South Western Scotland. I would like to find the truth.

William “Billy” Flack must have been a remarkable man. This Irish “labourer” signed on in the British army at 21 years of age with his “X” and yet within his lifetime he had served more than 43 years in the Army, including service in Australia and India with the 63rd Regiment of Foot and had risen to the rank of Captain. How he overcame his humble beginnings to go on to send his children to good schools and to marry well is a mystery, given the class and educational barriers in Victorian England he had to overcome.


I want to know more about these people and I hope that their lives of service to country, profession and family can serve as an inspiration to my children and grandchildren.

Episode 1 provides a “road map” of my research journey and the results obtained so far.

Other pages include the results of my family history research.

If you have any information or suggestions please contact me using the form below

Thank you

Ted Flack

Brisbane, Australia


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