Episode 2. In search of the parents of Capt “Billy” William Flack. b.1810 in Bailieborough, Cavan, Ireland

In my first post, I outlined possible “lines of enquiry” (LOE) for the search for the parents of my GGGrandfather, Captain William Flack whose military records indicate that he was born April 1810 in the Parish of Killan, near the town of “Balyburrow” (Bailieborough), in the County of Cavan, Ireland.

No. 782 Sergeant Major William Flack of the 63rd Regiment of Foot was honorably discharged from the regular army on 20th September 1852 in Dublin.

We know that his mother, Elizabeth Flack, was born in Ireland in about 1790 and according to her Death Certificate, died at Accrington Road, Habergham Eaves, Lancashire, England on 26 May 1863, aged 73. The Death Certificate (information supplied by the informant, “W. Flack” (presumably William Flack her son) indicated that she was the “Widow of William Flack, a soldier”.

There is no record of Elizabeth living with the family in the 1861 Census.

Who was William Flack, a soldier, married to Elizabeth Flack, who were the parents of William Flack born 1810 in Cavan?

A search of the available birth, marriage and death records in FindMyPast databases for a William Flack, a soldier who married an Elizabeth in the period 1770-1795 failed to reveal any obvious candidates.

What more can be done to track down details of the father of William Flack?


3 thoughts on “Episode 2. In search of the parents of Capt “Billy” William Flack. b.1810 in Bailieborough, Cavan, Ireland

  1. Aaron Paterson

    G’day my name is Aaron Paterson aged 50 living in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. Have you tried contacting the Ulster Historical Society in Ulster, Ireland. A great guy there and author, Eric Villiers might be able to link you to some useful sites to search for a Flack ancestor? Just google the society and their email address should come up. Cheers and gods luck with your search. A possible ancestor of mine Peter Paterson built a 20 ton sloop from tge wreck of his wrecked ship Betsey & Sophia and sailed from Desolation Island aka Iles Kerguelen And sailed over 3000 miles with his brother John and 13 other crew to MacQuarie Harbour penal colony in 1832 and was hospitable greeted by the commandant, Captain Pery Baylee of the 63rd Regiment. He than sailed onto Hobart. Cheers Aaron Paterson azpat64@icloud.com.au

  2. tedflack Post author

    Thanks so much Aaron. I will follow up your suggestion.
    Interesting link with the 63rd Regiment. What an amazing voyage!

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