Who was Elizabeth Flack, born c.1790, died 26 May 1863, “widow of William Flack a soldier”?

WCF Grave enhansed Flack Family Grave in Burnley Cemetery

In the Burnley Cemetery there are two “family graves” in which are buried several members of the family of William (Charles) Flack. The Burnley Cemetery records indicate that Grave No. 9268C was purchased by William Flack, Quarter Master resident of Rose Terrace, Accrington Rd on 25 January 1863.

Burnley Cemetery Report

It states that Elizabeth Flack was interred on 29th May 1865, aged 73. It will be noted that the Death Certificate certifies that the death occurred in 1863.

William (Charles) Flack's mother

William (Charles) Flack’s mother

It appears that the Cemetery record has been incorrectly transcribed.

In the 1861 Census, Elizabeth Flack, is not recorded with the rest of the family living at West Gate Habergham Eaves:

1861 Census William Flack

The Census record of the Habergham Eaves Flack family in 1861

A search of the 1861 Census for Elizabeth Flack failed to reveal a person living in England who could be William Flack’s mother.


The death registration and burial of Elizabeth Flack are the only references to William Flack’s mother in England.

Is it possible that she lived in Ireland and traveled to Burnley only when she was terminally ill?

Where did she live in Ireland? A search of all available publicly available databases of Irish Flacks failed to reveal a person who could reasonably be identical with the Elizabeth Flack we are looking for.

Is it possible that Elizabeth was her second name?

Is it possible she was not Irish by birth? We know that the Wexford Militia served in the Channel Islands in 1800 – perhaps William married a local girl?


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